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Welcome to Havana Kiteboarding Club, on this website you will find all the information needed about kiteboarding in Cuba.

We have been located in Cuba for many years supplying the best kite services in Cayo Guillermo.

Why? Because Cayo Guillermo has the best weather for kiteboarding, flat and shallow water, the constanat wind make that spot magic. The best season to enjoy us is from, October until May.

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About Us

Havana Kiteboarding Club started in 2013 as exactly that... a kiteboarding club. Along the way, founder Matteo Gatti has implemented several branches of services within Havana Kiteboarding Club:

Today, Havana Kiteboarding Club is part of world kiteboarding clubs and is located in 2 country:

The idea behind Havana Kiteboarding Club is simple. It's primarily about creating amazing experiences and memories for travelers and active people who want to practice their passion or discover something new in Caribbean surroundings. You can book travels with Havana Kiteboarding Club without being a watersports fanatic, all you have to do is tell us what's on your wish list for your stay. 

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